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verry poetic

and verry 60's somehow.due to the music also.anyway great job.

10....as always.?

fantastic.as usuall.yama yama ha.ha ha ha.k.c k casio.


i did not even watch it untill the end.i guess it was some reflex like dog is hiding bone(goooood bone).at least i know where to find it.sorry if it seemed a rude way of expressing.new favorite.if it matters

the music also?in 14 hours

4 the movie 10 stars no doubt.but..apart from the movie you also wrote and recorded the music in 14 hours?you must be a real genius.congratulations.so...i don't supose you mind to write to me the exact position (i man the order of voices)of the chords in the brass section?i think you know you have a brass section in this music.i remind it because you might have forgotten about it.of course working at other more serious stuff.in music i mean.and the same for the piano.i do not say you did not do it but it is highly more probable you did not.o.k.more simple.how many bars has your music& how is called in music this kind of musical development?14 hours ...unbelievable.but yet again .maybe ...but i don't think you did the music.so...why saying so?flash is verry good.should be enough.

HappyHarry responds:

I did the music.

But just so everyone knows, the whole thing was not completed in 14 hours, that was the final push after missing the college deadline by a day. It was several days hard work in total. Message me and we can talk music.

reel-y good

so squirrely,it is an artwork,10 is minimum.even without a plot.or...maybe because of that?meditate on this.maybe you were a bit shallow in your judgement.o.k.watch it one more time.so 10+ from me.because apart of showing skills,which are undoubtful it can generate emotion.and art is about that.

i donn't Phone

so ,this comes from maybe one of the few human beeings on this planet who does not use mobile phone.so ...i don't i phone.but...the 10 stars.i think you get the essence of mobiles.you can listen music while you die.fantastic.much humorism@truth.in few words.about the guy who gve you 5 stars...o.k.maybe he should go to the theatersometimes.this is kind suggestion.after maybe he will understand metaphores.they are out of time.


your drawing resembles with somone's who worked in the 70's for ''Paris Match''.i think the art name was KIRAZ.i watced this without sound.it is still great.fantastic use of light and colours.one can get a paintig at everry frame.so...just 10,cause that's the limit.

keepwalking responds:

Thank you very much, Im really glad you like it

genius at work

this should be rated 15.THIS IS THE REAL HUMAN NATURE.we NEEVVVER STOP.untill we die ,or...somthing like this.and the scene with the coke in the sunset...fantastic.poetry and misery together.

bombs are white and sky is black.

no comment.see the rating.and tanks are decorated.


i think you did agreat job.i do not know how i can judge anybody's wrk.i am rally sorry.but...it was sad.why?sorry 4 my vote.

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